2012 – March 8 (Wife has never looked sexier)

  • It might be the beer… but my wife has never looked sexier than today when showing the Brazilian woman next-door how to use a snow shovel.
  • I’m such a considerate lover that when I’m done with the foot rub, women always beg for a dirty spanking. And that’s how I earned my cape.
  • When you don’t star one of my tweets, I tell myself that you are busy with real life, instead of hating me, and I feel better! Not really…
  • My Irish-blood wife speaks and screams in French fluently which is really hot when I nibble one of her butt cheeks too hard.
  • You love your wife, kids, dog and perhaps even your cat… so no, you don’t really love your new iPad, you shallow shit!
  • I was going to see Lucky Luke, instead my brother and his girlfriend took me to Star Wars. It changed my life because she was a slut. (1977)
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2012 – March 7 (Main strength as a lover)

  • My main strength as a lover is that I don’t lose girth when paying attention to you and the door where kids supposedly asleep might walk in.
  • Ever stand in a park with a boomerang waiting for a flock of birds, and waiting for all kids to close their eyes at the same time? I have…
  • A kid I coached in soccer waved at me in the grocery store. I looked offended… and the mom smacked that little shit disturber. Win!
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