2009 – December 12 (Understanding of astronomy)

  • If you are going to call yourself The Three Wise Men, make sure you at least have a rudimentary understanding of astronomy.
  • It’s widely agreed upon that German is the least sexy language for passionate screams.
  • My baby boy is very intelligent. His first word was “Beelzebub” and he said in an ancient Aramaic dialect – while levitating!
  • I am smarter than a 5th grader: Fractions are not what happens to grandma when you push her down the stairs.
  • Tiger, here’s a tip: Next time, try a Cougar. It will not talk! It will also be nasty and do anything for a rotting deer carcass.
  • No beer leftover for breakfast but I do have a rag soaked in paint thinner… Hm, I wonder how that will go with Eggo’s buttermilk pancakes?
  • Too many beers last night and I ended up eating something I thought was cottage cheese. Well, it wasn’t.
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