2009 – December 13 (Common questions at Taco Bell)

  • Common questions at Taco Bell: (1) Got a few more napkins? (2) More napkins? (3) In which general direction are the toilets?
  • Atheist don’t go to hell, caroling or line dancing.
  • I quietly decided to stop masturbating after my wife got in to a drunken rage and cut off my hands with a chainsaw.
  • God’s back-up plan: You can boil almost any animal in to glue if you have enough of them.
  • In Canada, ‘horrific abominations of nature’, move to Los Angeles and become ‘avantgarde Canadians’ in the entertainment industry.
  • I make the perfect lover because I can lick clean the insides of a 32 oz mayonnaise jar and can easily break ceramic plates on my man-knob.
  • Sland at a porn movie set: (1) Cheese crotch. (2) Sphincter face. (3) McCained. (4) Olson twin-like. (5) General Tao Chicken incident.
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