2009 – December 14 (Women who don’t block the sun)

  • Women who don’t block the sun too much are generally sexier than does that do.
  • Babies are so cool. Once you make your own you can do whatever heck you want with them!
  • I’m so damned high right now… Secretly frying and eating 3 pounds of bacon does that to me.
  • It was a very special day, the first time dad gave me the keys to his car so that I could look at the mummified remains of mom in the trunk.
  • Curiously, homobbits seem even more gay once they make it to Mordor.
  • Yes! It’s only a question of time before Tiger Woods guilts you in to showing him your tits.
  • You never want to find pubes in a jar, a straight razor and some bloodied bandages on your bedside table, after a night out.
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