2010 – April 25 (Maze that is IKEA)

  • I found a corpse in the deepest part of the maze that is IKEA. From the looks of it, he survived about a week on Krönäs Christmas candles.
  • Designing your own tattoo while on shrooms is not the best idea you will ever have.
  • Tip! When experimenting with Golden Showers, never, ever, say “thank you!” – during…
  • Whenever I see that our neighbour’s dog has taken a dump in our backyard, I always wonder how Nick Nolte is doing.
  • Meth: Bad skin but people get to feel euphoric… Twitter: Bad posture but people get to feel up your mom… It’s a toss-up.
  • To moms and dads out there: At what age do kids stop asking for Band-Aids for everything that ails them? Never?! Ok, I’ll be back in a bit.
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