2010 – August 12 (Victoria’s Secret 38D)

  • Mixed emotions: She strips down to a Victoria’s Secret 38D animal print Multi-Way bra and Dora The Explorer panties.
  • A Tiffany lamp disguised as a vibrator would be the cleverest and at the same time the most frightening thing ever.
  • When being watched by a rabid cougar: (1) Show no fear. (2) Finish your food. (3) No splits (even accidental ones) on the dance floor.
  • My wife’s freebie is George Clooney. Mine was the hobo that slept in the bus shelter on Grilli Street. I win.
  • The greatest joy and satisfaction in life come from putting people to work, especially when it involves bears and syphilis. – Dalai Beerhaze
  • I would be lying if I said I’m horny right now. I wouldn’t be lying if said that hiding a sex doll in an old gym bag is a stupid idea.
  • Tending to our boy’s well-being, we make sure we have plenty of band-aids… The girls need glitter glue… Sexes – there is a difference.
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