2010 – August 23 (Take-out Chinese food)

  • Ladies, if you can’t cook, you can get to his heart with take-out Chinese food and later on calling his balls ‘majestic’. You are welcome!
  • A man-sausage measurement app for the iPhone 4 would simply be too cruel.
  • Great day! A rib steak is ready to go. The beer is chilled. My 5-year-old has been playing quietly in the downstairs bathtub for hours.
  • I admit it! I often go to Walmart just so that I can suck back helium balloons and entertain my 5-year-old before we shoplift fishing lures.
  • “Cow tipping”… Nothing to do with pushing a mother-in-law down the stairs? Don’t tell me it involves actual bovines, because that’s sick!
  • I grilled octopus on the barbecue for the first time tonight and I have to say, my wife and kids absolutely loved the marinated “chicken”.
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