2010 – December 30 (Wearing nothing but duct-tape)

  • Guys, the secret is to never go to bed angry. Or worse, drunk and angry… Or even worse, drunk and angry and wearing nothing but duct-tape.
  • Everyone are asleep and I’m downstairs drunk…. Now playing pin the tail on the donkey. It’s hard, and I’m not even using a blind fold.
  • Getting old! Have some surprise wood, and I can’t decide if I should fire up porn or Google Steve Buscemi pictures to help make it go away.
  • Current status: Sweat or Cabernet Sauvignon slowly trickling down my back.
  • Oy! Broke my daughter’s Air Hogs chopper. Have to go exchange it tomorrow. Yes, of course at fucking Walmart… Don’t drink and fly people!
  • A hat with ear flaps for Christmas. It’s nasty but it makes the dog walks less painful. Long Johns too… My first pair since grade 2. #Sigh
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