2010 – January 29 (Fried chicken and a cold beer)

  • Sex doesn’t do it for me anymore, unless I also get a piece of fried chicken and a cold beer.
  • Just imagine, had I invented shoes, I would now be more popular than George Clooney.
  • It’s Friday night and I’m again killing more beers than ninjas. Obvisouly…
  • A vagina is just like a rose, except it doesn’t smell anything like it and it’s slippery to the touch.
  • Another good reason to see the movie: An Avatar can give you a piggyback ride home from the pub… a Smurf cannot.
  • “It’s will be a full moon tonight and my balls are already itching something awful!” Another line we sadly won’t hear in Twilight Eclipse.
  • For my birthday next month, I hope to get a flight to Hollywood, a bottle of Talisker whisky and a flamethrower.
  • Hide it well because I will do funky things with your electrical toothbrush if the opportunity presents itself.
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