2010 – July 1 (Following people that follow you back)

  • Saying “You are missing out if you are only following people that follow you back!” is the new “I’m too awesome to follow you back.”
  • My twitter stream is so slow today… Perhaps everyone on Twitter is secretly Canadian? Well, at least the Dalai Lama is – funny stuff!
  • There is only so much bacon you can make out of one Céline Dion. – English-Canadian proverb
  • We can all transform ourselves into drunker and happier people. I think it’s important to recognize this. – Dalai Beerhaze
  • Laughter is not the best medicine when grandma trips and tumbles down the stairs.
  • The Canadian flag is red and white in honour of all our girls from Nova Scotia who are tanning in Mexico, in this very minute.
  • I’m feeling much better. My cough is almost gone and my wife has again started to blow her vuvuzela when I wake up with wood. Life is good.
  • Today is Canada Day – The day we infuse our bacon with ‘pleases’, ‘thank yous’, ‘sorrys’, ‘excuse mes’ and ‘ehs?’ for the coming year.
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