2010 – June 10 (Never been affected by Bieber Fever)

  • I have never been affected by Bieber Fever but as a teen I once had the shits for 10 straight days. That was pretty painful too.
  • Always treat her nice. The only other way to keep your woman around forever is embalming. – Dalai Beerhaze
  • No, a new lawnmower, no matter how high-end, is not a romantic gift but is should free up more time for her laundry.
  • “Who’s your daddy?” is not a turn-on for my wife because Alzheimer’s runs in my family. Related: Norway.
  • CNN: 5,500-year-old, size-5, leather shoe found in an Armenian cave. They aren’t sure if it belonged to a woman or a man with a small penis.
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