2010 – June 11 (Sending off your 16-year-old virgins)

  • Sending off your 16-year-old virgins to sea seems a bit drastic. Besides, they could get salt-licked by the ocean and taken by sharks.
  • It’s not quite a sex tape but I will still download the clip where Queen Elizabeth II feasts on the blood of court pets. Haaaawt!
  • FYI. I never realized Favstar censors tweets… In the future, if you see me mention playing with my “pennies” it’s not because I’m poor.
  • Lawyers: Strike Van der Sloot’s confession! People: Strike Van der Sloot in the back of the head with a tire iron so it’s not O.J.-up!
  • Wife is asleep.. Boy crashed on the way home from soccer… Girls are out too… I should be naked from the waist down… Too tired! #Beer
  • Let’s say a man by accident caught season 1, episode 2, of Glee and his penis twitched ever so slightly; will he really end up on Facebook?
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