2010 – June 16 (I make a romantic dinner)

  • Ladies, penis size is not everything! I also cook. You kill and skin it – I make a romantic dinner… That should even things out, right?
  • “Circumcised” and “Mango-Crickets” in the same tweet on Favstar – censored or not? I’m running out of beer! Pointers anyone?
  • A follower DM’d me, saying that “my problem” is that my tweets are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long! Yeah, “too long” is a new one – can’t process!
  • Tip: Guys, Botox on your nutsack doesn’t get rid of wrinkles. However, you can score a lot of beer down at the pub with crazy party tricks.
  • Before breakfast, my girls repaired a $7.00 umbrella with my main chef’s knife. Before lunch, they were living with carnies.
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