2010 – March 8 (Tell how much a man farts)

  • Scientist can now tell how much a man farts by examining his genes… You can also do it the old-fashioned way – checking his jeans.
  • Today, I got my penis stuck in a revolving door and then things took a turn for the worse…
  • Caught a Fear Factor repeat and it reminded me how much I miss watching over-achievers eat pig rectums.
  • A Baywatch movie is supposedly in the works. Germans hope it will feature David Hasselhoff’s b-cups in slow motion, one last time.
  • Note to self: Take down the Brokeback Mountain poster in the bathroom, before the guys come over for poker night.
  • I’m honouring International Women’s Day by not eating the last piece of pie in the fridge. Also, buying a box of wine to help with laundry.
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