2010 – May 1 (My problems start once I get in to it)

  • I always think outside the box… My problems start once I get in to it, and agree to all kinds of stupid “to-do list” shit.
  • I’m drunk enough now to try to make new friends. (a) Will you forgive me if I play grab-ass with your mom? (b) Do you own a brewery? DM me!
  • In the better, parallel universe, bacon IS a vegetable and your mom flosses.
  • However, I did read the Bible for the first time but stopped where Cain had sex with a woman that appeared from nowhere. Not very realistic!
  • We did go to the funeral this morning but we ended up walking in to the church one hour early! I didn’t enjoy that at all.
  • If you give a pig an edible thong, he’ll want some beer to go with it. You’ll give him some sweet beer, and then you fuck his brother…
  • Back to regular programming after I find a beer, lamb chops and some Astroglide.
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