2010 – May 11 (Not watching Lost)

  • If you are not watching Lost like the other sheep – star this!
  • I really prefer Twitter hotties to Facebook farm wives. Even the dudes pretending to be chicks are hotter and more exciting here on Twitter.
  • My son is turning 5 in a few weeks. He wants a rat for his birthday – I want a huge slot cars track. I’m working him and the wife like mad!
  • I went crazy with the nail clippers so I wouldn’t have to use them again for a few months. Related: Walking like your mom after a gangbang.
  • Visions of sugar plums have never danced in my head; however, Charlize Theron on a brass pole has done so on many of an occasion.
  • I don’t particularly enjoy sweat dripping down my back, especially when it’s your moms.
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