2010 – May 16 (Man crush on that Mentalist dude)

  • I admit it. I have a man crush on that Mentalist dude. I would love make him tea and twirl his hair – in a no balls touching way of course.
  • When did balloon animals become an obsession for clowns? When I was a kid, they used to try to grab you and pull you down in to the sewers.
  • Okay, moving from beer to cider was not smart… I have been spending the last 15 minutes scratching up my Wacom tablet with a fork. Nite’!
  • Trying some Feng shui – moved the chair backed a bit, took my pants off and moved from beer to Strongbow cider. Let’s see where this leads.
  • I wonder what or who Mike Tyson is picking out of his teeth right now?
  • Watching Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers on SNL… They need less grandpa and more cowbell.
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