2010 – May 18 (Grilled and enjoyed with lemons and capers)

  • Life just handed me a Chilean Sea Bass, yes, the fish – not your mother-in-law. It will be grilled and enjoyed with lemons and capers. Nom.
  • Lesson learned the really hard way: Even a 5-year-old can take a slap shot that hurts if the ball hits you right in the Eyjafjallaj√∂kull.
  • Guys, don’t you hate it when rabid PETA people throw red paint on you, so you have to go home and shave your back again?
  • My dog is very intelligent. Instead of begging for food, he make me feel guilty by licking his non-existing balls.
  • Every morning I secretly rub my daughter’s clothes with anchovies and still boys ask her out. Oooh… Where do you buy moose sweat?
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