2010 – May 20 (Need to shower more often)

  • It’s odd… Cats, dogs, babies, horses, old folks and sheep find me irresistible. Either I need to shower more often or my wife is crazy.
  • The guys are heading over to a strip club but I decided to stay home because I find it degrading to pay $8.50 for a bottle of beer.
  • Kids are off school tomorrow. I also decided to take the day off as soon as I know that my wife has dragged them all to the mall.
  • Looking for a business partner interested in reviving the time-honoured Scandinavian tradition of breeding and selling rape skunks. DM me.
  • I swear to God wedding photographers get their ideas for portrait poses while taking awkward family snapshots at petting zoos.
  • Cable guy showed on time, smelled of spring flowers, found the problems, no charge and he left some tools behind. So far, the best day ever.
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