2010 – May 24 (Decomposition is disturbing)

  • As Lost, I bet that in the last Harry Potter movie, he will die and not die too… This non-commitment to decomposition is disturbing to me.
  • I’m hung like a Tic-Tac too, but I don’t brag about it. However, I can lick the paint off a Ferrari – yeah, that I point out all the time…
  • Having the nastiest cold. 12-18 beers: Bam! Fever is back. The fever subsides – a few beers later: 104 again. I think I need try Whisky?
  • I bought a saw, drill bits and some Belgian beer today. I also “spontaneously” bought my wife some flowers and a box of wine. Still married!
  • I saw my first episode of Lost last night. Heck, it was amazing; like watching Teletubbies while stoned out of your mind.
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