2010 – May 29 (I’m suffering from postpartum depression)

  • Minutes ago I downed the most beautiful souvlaki in pita ever made and I’m suffering from postpartum depression. *Burp!* No, there it is…
  • Thank! For #FF mentions to those I might have missed and also to those that unfollowed me in the last week or so… Huh?
  • I know where you parked… I have a key sharp as a razor… Do not call me buddy. Ever.
  • A nudist colony is much like a bee colony – the queen bee is in the middle and the drones haplessly circling about, hoping to mate.
  • Garage sale/fundraiser. Daughter: “Not $7. The price is $35. It’s a $350 set. Ok, now it’s $80 because I don’t like you.” *wipes proud tear*
  • I saw a woman choke on a banana outside the supermarket… I froze, not sure if I should ‘Heimlich’ her or unzip my shorts.
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