2010 – November 26 (Better than my real friends)

  • Thanks, you guys! You are so much better than my real friends who drink all the beer.
  • AND tomorrow is my 1-year Twitter anniversary! I can’t wait to open up all the cool presents you are getting for me…
  • Only 2 more for 600 and I have to go out and stab a hotdog vendor, as that was the deal I made with Satan: http://favstar.fm/users/Beerhaze
  • There’s nothing like having sex on a polar bear pelt; just grab those ears from some extra thrust power! Sorry, WITH a polar bear pelt…
  • Every time I hear that damned, ‘Christmas Shoes’ played in the mall – I shoplift something. #Confessions
  • My wife has been looking for the Christmas CDs for over two hours. I don’t have the heart to tell her about my mid-January eggnog rage.
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