2010 – November 28 (Chocolate chip cookie or God)

  • “Do you want a chocolate chip cookie or God? No! No, bad, girl! Yeees! Yes, feed my child. Feed.” And that’s how you groom a Valedictorian.
  • Look! Beer! Noooo wait… Two beers! Praise Jesus!
  • For my few and scant followers that I love dearly – if you are confused, simply star and retweet all of my tweets… Thank you.
  • If you call him ‘Santy Klaus’ – I have been ordered to stab you in the throat. Thank you – that is all.
  • Dog goes to the door and whines – he needs to go out or wants to lie down in the sunroom on my shoes… I wait and see! #RivetingTweets
  • It’s at the point now where my sexual organ is turning in to a Casio keyboard with a broken speaker.
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