2010 – September 24 (Japanese Favstar boards)

  • Having spent 6 hours on the very confusing Japanese Favstar boards using Google Translator, I’m convinced Pearl Harbor was imaginary.
  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I’ll sell the break pads from my wife’s car and buy all the movies. Except Garfield – too creepy.
  • “Daddy, I want you to buy me this funny movie with a cat and a dog and they live in a house somewhere.” Anyone know this comedy masterpiece?
  • A sweet deal at our Greek take-out joint: Come before 6pm, and your food is now prepared by a cook without excessive neck and back hair.
  • She: “Daaaaaddyyy spideeeeer!” Me: “Screaming doesn’t help! Where is it?” She: “Right th… I think it’s gone now.” And that’s why I drink.
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