2011 – April 18 (Nipples twirled any other way)

  • It can’t be just me? Left one – clockwise; right one – counterclockwise… Having your nipples twirled any other way is simply icky, right?
  • My son always gets an ‘A’ in religion even though not baptized. I take great pride in that as a father that levitates and has a goat fetish.
  • The bubonic plague outbreaks – the roofies of the Middle Ages.
  • I understand if you unfollow me after that tweet… I’m so sorry… Not really.
  • Tip! Don’t order the Bloomin’ Onion as an appetizer at the Outback Steakhouse if she is sensitive about the look of her asshole.
  • Cleaned up dog vomit and a one of my fingers accidentally slipped in to my ass… Honestly, I didn’t get too aroused. You people are weird!
  • Living in Quebec, Canada, I have picked up some French, which comes in handy when I swoon hairy Italian Octomoms in seedy night clubs.
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