2011 – January 14 (The dirty tweets)

  • I’m sorry for the dirty tweets. I know… out of character… I’ll stabilize the universe with good thoughts: hugs, kittens, fisting – crap!
  • A new follower just DM’d me, asking for a picture of my clit! WTF!? I don’t know where the hell it is!
  • ♬ There’s a hole in the sheet, dear Levana, dear Levana. There’s a hole in the sheet, dear Levana, there’s a hole. ♬
  • Hey, guys! Amazing news! I just unlocked the Twitter ‘perv badge’ with three consecutive penis tweets!
  • Science fact: 1-6 inches – penis. 7-10 inches – cock. 10 inches and up – penis. My penis is itching.
  • ‘Thick!’ ‘Thick!’ ‘Thick!’ ‘Thick!’ ‘Thick!’ ‘Thick’’ ‘Thick!’ ‘Thick!’ – The sound my penis makes when I tap it to the edge of the table.
  • Astrology is bull crap! Sitting here with a red bow stapled to my penis. No mention of that that in my horoscope… Yes, the truth hurts.
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