2011 – January 23 (About social media)

  • What I find awkward about social media is that grown men still LOL when they have resigned to the fact that they have nothing to say. LOL!
  • I have been at over 30 job interviews now and I’m beginning to suspect that all your fucking “Pro Tips” are fuckin’ demented! That is all…
  • Left! Right! Left! Right! Right! Right! Right! Down… Down… Up! Left! Left! Down… Down… Up! Nooo! DOWN!!! YEEEEEES!#18WordsDuringSex
  • I can’t wait for the football games! Wife upstairs yelling at the TV; me downstairs, naked from the waist down in front of the computer…
  • You know when you find a perfectly shaped cabbage that makes you forget all about Twitter, stars and hot sweaty ladies? No? Well, it’s nice!
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