2011 – June 15 (Hypnotist about my bee phobia)

  • I saw a hypnotist about my bee phobia. It works – no longer afraid of bees! Bad news? Now afraid of pancake batter.
  • The longer the erection – the shorter your wife’s to-do list the next day. – Dalai Beerhaze
  • It might be three bottles of wine talking here but people that don’t use a picture of their real face as an avi are probably assholes.
  • I Google “chimpanzee boobs” daily. So far – no luck! But I’m sure I will one day find the hairy boobie avi to rule them all.
  • As for my new Twitter background… Yes, all the yellow makes me want to pee a lot too. Might have to rework that… More than a wee bit.
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