2011 – March 27 (Backrubs and scrumptious pancakes)

  • When you star one of my tweets, you go up on my real-life list of friends I hope to spoil with juggling, backrubs and scrumptious pancakes.
  • I just unfollowed someone that spelled ‘conscientious’ correctly because I’m an asshole.
  • Know what would really make my day? Yes! Finding a pair of comfortable heels! It’s hard finding comfortable heels to go rock climbing in.
  • Yes, Chris Brown is a complete douche but he does wear really white shoes!
  • I don’t star tweets with the word ‘gargle’ in them. I have been on Twitter for over a year now – I don’t do ‘gargle’, or ‘dance-off’.
  • Demolished and put up new gyprock in the ceiling of our spare bedroom. First time! I also think my penis grew 2 inches. Wife will be happy!
  • It was so dark here during Earth Hour that I came all over our baby rabbit. Yes, we call the sink downstairs ‘baby rabbit’, you weirdo!
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