Advice: Am I a crossdresser?

Dear Beerhaze,

I think I’m a crossdresser! I mean, I like wearing my mom’s underwear, bras and pantyhose when she’s not home. I don’t know why I do this, and I can’t stop myself. It’s like a compulsion!

I have been doing it on and off for about three years now. I feel stressed if I’m not wearing panties!

It’s not a sexual thing, as I don’t masturbate or anything. I’m also not gay as I have had many girlfriends. Women’s clothes just make me happy!

I want to tell my mom but I’m afraid she’ll get angry for digging though her laundry and wearing her clothes. I’m not a kid! I’m 19, so it’s not “hormones” or a “phase”.

Am I a crossdresser?

Dear Behind The Bush,

Yes, you seem to enjoy wearing women’s clothes… So, yes, you seem to be a crossdresser. Unless of course you have some freaky mommy fetish going on?

Dude, it is what it is… It’s 2011 and people not living in the Bible Belt have more immediate concerns than to bother themselves with what clothes make certain people happy.

One thing though! Don’t wear other people’s underwear (or clothes in general). It’s unhygienic and disturbing. You don’t want to catch any creepy-crawlers, from your mom especially! Why not buy your own gear? Really…

No! You don’t tell your mother! Are you out of your mind? Trust me, she doesn’t want to know that her son has been wearing her dirty laundry. Again, by your own clothes if it makes you happy.

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