Advice: Am I too fat to have a boyfriend?

Dear Beerhaze,

I’m 254 lbs. and I have difficult time finding boyfriends. Am I too fat to have a boyfriend?

Dear Bison Gravy,

When you say, “difficult time finding boyfriends”, I assume you didn’t just sit on them and they went missing in-between the couch cushions? I also assume that you can get out and are able to walk?

Is 254 lbs. fat? Well, no… Not if you are 8 feet tall! Here’s the thing though: some guys like their women to be “hefty”. Not quite sure where you find these guys though… Also, it’s not just the weight in itself… You are also unhealthy, which is not really attractive.

Will you have a more difficult time than a 24-waisted, big-breasted contortionist-nymphomaniac finding a boyfriend? Absolutely… It’s life. You have to look harder and try harder, and not only at your local Pizza Hut or McDonald’s.

Some people pig-out, other people enjoy rock-climbing. It’s a choice people make and we have to live with them.

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