Advice: Any advice on our age difference?

Dear Beerhaze,

I’m attracted to my sister’s friend. She is 15 and I’m 29. It’s more than just a silly crush and physical attraction - I think I love her!

I realize that our age difference is rather big, and I’m wondering if her parents would be ok with it? Would it make things better if I asked her parents first?

She knows I like her but I haven’t pursued her yet.

Any advice on our age difference?

Dear Dung In Pockets,

Yes, I have some advice… Leave the children alone! You are a grown man and should be looking to women – not innocent and immature little girls.

By all means, talk to her parents… If they are of average intelligence, they will also peg you as the weak-minded and selfish predator that you are. Very few parents take kindly to grown men showing up at their door (dick in hand) to inquire about the availability of their offspring.

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