Advice: Ask my half-naked neighbor to cover up?

Dear Beerhaze,

I run a home daycare with six children. The problem is that my next-door neighbor sunbathes in her backyard for the kids to see. She doesn’t sunbathe in the nude, but it’s close to it. She wears only an extremely skimpy bikini, with her boobs overflowing, and butt spilling out, for everyone to see.

I’m not sure what to tell her as she’s in her own backyard, and she wears clothes (albeit almost non-existent). I wish she would realize that she needs to be more discreet around the children and their parents.

I hate it when the dads come to pick up their kids… It has become a joke and they seem almost disappointed if she isn’t sprawled out on her towel. Of course the mothers aren’t as happy. It’s embarrassing!

How do I ask my half-naked neighbor to cover up?

Dear Rusty Bell,

You don’t ask… Why start a war you can’t win?

Why don’t you have a proper fence and hedge installed? Your neighbor is in her home and backyard going about her life. You run a business… You have a problem… You fix it!

The surrounding neighbors are probably more irritated with the racket and squealing from your daycare kids than the sleeping, half-naked women next-door. I know I would be… especially if she’s hot.

You might piss off a lot of neighbors if you go to war over this.

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