Advice: Baby turn oriental if you unload in a cup?

Dear Beerhaze,

My brother and his wife asked me to donate sperm so they could make a baby because my brother is infertile, so I did that. Well, when the baby was born, it looked oriental. I’m Caucasian and so is she! How is this possible? They are both angry and say that I messed up! All my own kids look normal.

Can a baby turn oriental if you unload in a cup? I don’t know if they used a syringe or what-not.

Dear Twisted Liquorice,

Dumbass, you came in a plastic cup, didn’t you? There are a billion Chinese people and they all look abnormally oriental because glass is banned over there. The BPA (Bisphenol-A) in plastic products is a known estrogenic and effects fetuses, infants and young children. Imagine what it does to the DNA of living sperm?

U.S. fertility clinics have no used plastic since the early 2008 because people were complaining about oriental-looking offspring. Next time, use a glass or better yet, a led-free crystal champagne flute.

Go to the mall for a day and you will see quite a few Caucasians with oriental looking kids –  all because of plastic containing BPA. It’s sad, really.

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