Advice: Can urine be dangerous in any way?

Dear Beerhaze,

My boyfriend wants to give me a golden shower but I’m not sure. Can urine be dangerous in any way?

Dear Flower Lamp,

Supposedly, a healthy person’s urine is sterile.

Yes, “Boyfriend giving me a golden shower” sounds better than “boyfriend pissing on me”… However, they both involve him disposing of his bodily waste on you.

Never have I heard or read anyone say, “Nothing says ‘I love you!’ like someone peeing on you…” Sure, some people do freaky stuff but it doesn’t necessarily make it a brilliant idea.

No matter what he tells you, this act is not a sign of affection. Have you asked yourself why he feels the need to piss all over you? Can’t he cook you some spicy crab cakes instead?

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