Advice: Condom in his wallet mean that he is having sex?

Dear Beerhaze,

I happened to stumble upon a condom in my son’s wallet when looking for a bill. The shocking part is that he’s only 14! I never though he was having sex as he hasn’t even had a serious girlfriend yet. My husband laughed it off and told me to relax! That’s all he told me, “Relax!”

I can’t relax… I need answers!

Does the condom in his wallet mean that he’s having sex?

Dear Blunt Crayon,

He’s having sex when the condom is on his penis, and both are inside a girl. Your husband didn’t educate you? The condom in the wallet is a guy thing…

The order of things that goes in to a guy’s first wallet:

  • Buddy pictures.
  • Random notes of very little importance.
  • Condom handed out in sex ed class.
  • Check from grandma.
  • Money.

His first freebie condom will sit and dry up for a few years. He’s having sex when there are 5 fresh condoms in his wallet and a box of a hundred in his bedside table.


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