Advice: Do girls really need to wear a bra?

Dear Beerhaze,

Do girls really need to wear a bra? I have d-cups and often enjoy going out without wearing one because of the attention they bring me. Isn’t the bra something pushed on women by the church, as a way for us girls to look more proper?

Dear In The Wind,

I’m a dude and don’t wear a bra, and I would never wear a bra (unless my wife made it worth my while…) However, I would assume that it would be uncomfortable and perhaps even painful to run away from a sex maniac with the weight of your mammaries bouncing around?

In general, wearing a bra is not a “must”… If breasts were meant to be strapped in place, Mother Nature would have created a proper natural solution for it.

The bra is a comfort thing (physical and/or modesty). It’s an option and a choice, and it’s all up to you – it’s your cell tissue to do with, as you please.

Hope to see you at the mall!

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