Advice: Drive by car to Paris, France?

Dear Beerhaze,

Is it possible to drive by car to Paris, France?

I want to go but my husband is afraid of airplanes, boats and trains, and will only go by car!

Dear Pocket Mango,

Find a globe or a world map… Look at it… Find your current location and mark it. Next, find Paris, France (countries and cities are referred to by the actual names on maps, so it shouldn’t be too difficult…) and also mark that spot.

Next, put your finger on your current location and drag it across the globe towards France, following only solid green, brown, yellow and grey areas. These big colourful bits are commonly referred to as landmasses or continents. The huge blue areas are commonly referred to as oceans, and require some sort of boat to get across.

In theory, you should be able to drive to Paris, France, if you are able to drag your finger, following only a landmass, all the way there.

To save you some time:

You will be okay if you live in Germany.

You will get wet if you live in the United States… but you can always drive to Quebec, Canada, if hearing French spoken by rude waiters is import to you.

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