Advice: Explain the claw marks and scratches on my back?

Dear Beerhaze,

I’m going to the spa with my girlfriends and I have a problem. I have claw marks and scratches on my back from my dog, and I am nervous that my girlfriends will think that my boyfriend is being abusive. They will notice them!

How do I explain the claw marks and scratches on my back?

Dear Frozen Mime,

I’m not sure if that came across quite right… Personally, I think it’s better that you tell your girlfriends that the scratches on your back are from your overly-passionate boyfriend rather than the dog…

I thought about asking you a few questions about those scratches… but there are some things people just don’t want to know.

Tip! Whatever you tell your girlfriends, don’t give them a half-an-explanation or they might take things the wrong way.

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