Advice: Get her to wear my ex-girlfriend’s clothes?

Dear Beerhaze,

My girlfriend broke up with me because I was “too demanding” (whatever that means). I have a new girlfriend now but the problem is that I can only have sex with her if she is wearing something of my ex-girlfriend’s. Is this normal?

She is becoming a bit suspicious now… How do I get her to wear my ex-girlfriend’s clothes?

Dear Shaving Seagulls,

Your girlfriend is not asking where the clothes are coming from? Unless you come up with a brilliant re-gifting idea, she will soon put her foot down.

As for you being “too demanding”… Well, your ex-girlfriend must have jumped ship in a damned hurry if she left all her crap behind, no? Perhaps she was onto something?

Seriously, you have issues… I think you need to deal with them with a professional. Having future girlfriends wearing used clothes is not a sane solution to your erectile problems.

Is this issue normal? No… It is not.

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