Advice: Get my boyfriend to wash more often?

Dear Beerhaze,

How can I get my boyfriend to wash more often? He’s a nice guy but everything about him smells. I do mean everything! He wasn’t like this when we dated and lived apart.

I don’t get it? We move in together and he can’t find the shower or deodorant any more?

Dear Claw Splinter,

No need to strain your mind to try to figure him out.

Legs… Simply use your legs! Ask any married woman – closing your legs will improve his personal hygiene. Your legs will also get the garage door painted and the garbage out on the curb in a timely fashion.

You can work magic using your legs! Try it and you will see that I’m right… Using your legs will only on very rare occasions result in the loss of boyfriend (or husband). The odds are that all will work out for you.

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