Advice: Give up my virginity to her even though she’s not my type?

Dear Beerhaze,

I’m a 52-year-old male virgin who needs the advice of someone far more worldly, so I write to you. I am very “frustrated” but luckily there is this woman at work who keeps hitting on me. I know she really wants me bad. I don’t think she’s my type so I’ve resisted her advances.

Should I give up my virginity to her even though she’s not my type?

Dear Bean Tip,

I say, go for it! You have waited for 52 years… and why? I’ll l tell you why… Because you are scared stiff of women in general! Saying that she is not your type is just an excuse. The truth is that “she is not my type” only comes in to play when you have options… If you don’t have any – all women are your type!

Don’t worry. Just swing your stump of broccoli for her and you will see that you will soon have her cleaning your place and doing your laundry.

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