Advice: Good baby names?

Dear Beerhaze,

Are these good baby names? We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl… My husband and I both agree that if it’s a girl, she will have two first names.

I picked the girls names, and he hates all of them! He picked the boys names, and I love all of them…

What is your opinion on the names?

Dear Polar Glue,

Before we start… I agree with your husband about the girls names! I added my opinions after the names…

Your baby girl names:

  • Alaina-Bell: Stripper.
  • Olivia-Phoenix: Stripper.
  • Haley-Jade: Stripper.
  • Isabella-Faith: Stripper.
  • Gracie-Lynn: Cokehead Stripper.

Your baby boy names:

  • Corbin: Cop or cannon fodder.
  • Mason: Butcher.
  • Ranger: Failed metal band drummer.
  • Forrest: Sorry, completely ruined by Tom Hanks.
  • Luke: Techie middle management or gynecologist.
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