Advice: Has my boyfriend lost interest in me?

Dear Beerhaze,

I have been dating my co-worker for little over two weeks. Yes, it’s only been two weeks and we’re already having problems.

When we started dating, he used to tell me that he loved me, like two or three times a day. He was calling and texting me constantly. Since a couple of days ago, he’s not been acting the same! When we get on the phone with each other, he’ll say it’s a bad time, even though I can hear his Xbox in the background. I have called him on it and I have told him that it upsets me.

I tried to ask him if he is mad at me or if I did or said anything wrong but he keeps saying, “Everything is fine”.

Am I being childish? I would hate things to end like this because I like him a lot.

I feel that he’s mad at me for something I did. What exactly should I do or say to him to make him tell me what’s on his mind? Has my boyfriend lost interest in me?

Dear Mouse Crocus,

You have only been seeing each other for two weeks – that’s the beginning of the relationship. It sounds to me like you were at each other constantly; perhaps he simply needs some time for himself?

You do realize that the Xbox was developed:

  • As a poor substitute for relaxing with a book…
  • As a poor substitute for sex…

Seriously, though, if you are in the part of the relationship where you get naked and sweaty together – he probably just needs some time for himself. If you are not getting frisky – he probably just needs some time for himself (before he gets some regularly…)

Give it some time – it’s only been two weeks.

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