Advice: How do I get the woman of my dreams?

Dear Beerhaze,

How do I get the woman of my dreams? I met this woman in a chat room. She is currently in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship. They have been together for 9 years but she says they are a loveless couple, and are only together because it’s convenient (house, car and stuff).

We have been out for coffee a couple of times. Nothing physical has happened but we have talked for hours. I feel love for her and I think she feels it too. I think she is confused about her feelings as of right now but I’m quite certain she will come around once I tell her how I feel.

I’m waiting for the right moment to tell her how I feel but so far, the opportunity hasn’t presented itself.

What should I do? Should I tell my dream woman how I feel or take a step back and see if she leaves her boyfriend or not? She has not yet mentioned anything about leaving her boyfriend but I believe she will.

Dear Micro Blip,

Life is so much easier if you only involve yourself with single people. Dude, whatever she is doing and saying about her current boyfriend, she will eventually do to you.

They have been together for 9 years… You and she have spent a couple of hours together. She has spent more time washing his underwear, than solving the mysteries of the universe with you. 9 years is not easily flushed down the toilet…

If she truly were miserable, she would have left him already. What are you then? You are barely a blip on the radar! You don’t even know each other yet.

“You feel love…” “They are in a loveless relationship…” Come on, grow up!

What you should do? The term ‘dating’ only applies to single people… I have no idea what to call this, more than ‘pathetic’. If by a million-to-one chance, she ends up leaving him before you find a new woman of your dreams – by all means, go for it!

As for now, step away… faaar away.

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