Advice: How do I stop farting during sex?

Dear Beerhaze,

How do I stop farting during sex? It doesn’t seem to help no matter how often I go to the bathroom beforehand. My boyfriend thinks I do it on purpose but I really don’t. It’s in my head now… During sex I focus more on not farting than the actual act!

I can control my gas in day-to-day activities but not in the bedroom.

Imagine the horror if I farted my boyfriend right in the face?

Dear Cave Smoker,

This is not a sex/gas issue… It’s merely an excessive gas issue that manifests itself when you are focused on other things.

If you have any kind of physical discomfort – see a doctor. You could try to look at what might be causing it. The most common cause is of course your diet. Common foods that cause gas: fatty foods, beans, fruits, and other complex carbohydrates. Try limiting any foods you go overboard with. Try eating a few smaller meals rather than one huge one.

Swallowing air also causes gas. Think about how you are breathing… Being stressed up about not farting in bed, might actually contribute to your problem. There are medications. However, no doctor is going to prescribe you “gas relief”, simply to give your boyfriend peace of mind in bed.

Again, if you are worried about your health – see a doctor. If you are worried about your boyfriend – he’ll get over it.

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