Advice: Ideas for fun things to do as a couple?

Dear Beerhaze,

I have been together with my boyfriend for 5 years. We know each other really well as we share everything, even our innermost secrets. We do everything as a couple. Always!

This might sound great but there is a problem – nothing much is fun and exciting any more! Our relationship has run stale and boring. We both realize that we need to revitalize it. I want it to be fun again!

Ideas for fun things to do as a couple? Oh, I don’t mean in bed!

Dear Fur Cone,

Why do you need to do everything as a couple? If you don’t find it to be working out, don’t stay attached at the hip all day long. Try giving yourselves some space! I’m sure he can get plastered with his chums without you around, no? I’m sure you can buy towels and potpourri on your own…

Some relationship experts recommend that couples start dating each other again, or read a book, cook, play video games, go to the moves/theatre together! Boring…

Travel. Go places… Do outdoorsy things, such as tree and rock climbing, spear fishing, bear hunting. Clubbing wildlife together will give you something to talk about! Go somewhere new and do something you haven’t done before. You might just like it.

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