Advice: Is it wrong for me to date an older guy?

Dear Beerhaze,

I am 19 years old and my best friend says it is wrong for me to go dating someone who is twice my age. What would you do? Is it wrong for me to date an older guy?

Dear Raging Rug Burns,

You should listen to your friend…

The odds of a 40-year-old having a meaningful relationship with a 19-year-old is slim at best… Sorry!

In fact, any 40-something man that finds a 19-year-old girl interesting, or an equal, is feeble-minded!

However, it’s an altogether different matter if both parties agree that the only purpose of the relationship is to (time allowing in the 40-year-old’s busy real-life schedule…) meet for “sausage play”. Well, you are both consenting adults – go for it!

Do realize that you are confusing the terms “dating” and “screwing”… They are two totally different things.

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