Advice: Money on space programs?

Dear Beerhaze,

Why do the Americans (and the world in general) spend all that money on space programs instead of fixing things that are messed up here at home, on our own planet? If we cleaned up our act at home, perhaps we wouldn’t need to look for a way out of here? With all those untold trillions spent; what have we to show for it?

Absolutely nothing!

Why all this money on space programs?

Dear Clandestine Ball Sack,

You are naive! The space programs have generated inventions and products that help people all over the world. Some of these products will be around for generations. Just look at these marvellous products that trillions of dollars helped make possible…

How could we possibly live without:

  • Velcro.
  • Super absorbent adult diapers.
  • Joystick (now replaced by a Nintento Wii remote…)
  • Ear Thermometer.
  • Thin and ugly but warm hats.
  • Ink pens for those times you need to write something while upside-down.
  • Foam helmets.
  • Comfy sneaker insoles.
  • ZGTs (Zero-Gravity Toilets).
  • Edible toothpaste.
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