Advice: My girlfriend has worked as a prostitute?

Dear Beerhaze,

A while back, I took my girlfriend to a basketball game. I noticed many guys nodding and winking at her, as if they knew her! She seemed annoyed but did acknowledge them with a wave, smile or nod.

There were quite a few of these guys and I’m sure they weren’t all ex-boyfriends because there were some pretty freakin’ gross dudes there.

When I asked her about them, she said their were “just acquaintances”. She refused to talk about it.

Is it possible that my girlfriend has worked as a prostitute?

Dear Cheese Tree,

Yes, that’s of course possible… Perhaps she has worked as a stripper? Isn’t it possible that there is a more mundane explanation to all this? It never occurred to you that she might have worked in the actual building, not as a prostitute… but selling junk food, passing beer etc?

How to tell if she has worked as prostitute, next time you take her to a game…

  1. She volunteers to blow up everyone’s boom sticks.
  2. She gets her face displayed on the JumboTron – The Lakers bench does the wave.
  3. She makes fifty bucks every time she goes for hotdogs.
  4. She proudly points out her teeth marks on the guy in front of you.
  5. She catches all the stray balls with ease – even the sweaty slippery ones.
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